I’m Back!

Osprey Edit:

Server: Sub Zero

Date: Saturday January 30th, 2010

Times: 3 EST    2CST   1MST     12PST    8UK (Uk friendly :o ) (all PM)

Why: To stop UMA from taking it.

Room to start: Patrol all rooms.

Chat: xat.com/UPA

On UPA chat cause were helping UPA defend sub zero.

Dear RPF members,

I sincerely thank you for your big support during this campaign! Thanks to your support and endorsements on chat and wherenot, I received 15/21 votes when I was declared winner – that is equivalent to a whopping 71%! But let’s get down to business – no, not government reform bullshit that will occupy our entire winter and spring; instead, MILITARISTIC PWNAGE is the new motto!

FAQs about…

Congress: Congress will now be composed of the highest odd-number amount of officers from the top three ranks, excluding myself. There will be no elections; I’d rather save us a week of pointless voting and instead go by competence and experience when selecting congressmen.

Cabinet: You mean the General command, right? I don’t want a goddamn cabinet full of people in business suits; I want officers in uniform present to pwn this war! They shall be composed of three selected owner/moderatior officers, and of his Holyness, Osprey037, and his Pwnage, Commando717.

Ranks: The ranks per se will have slight adjustments that make them more plausible (why is Corporal superior to Sergeant? , etc…)

Schloogzeig, Torwart, Oli Kahn. Binne schdolzer Badner.

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16 comments on “I’m Back!
  1. ¢яazувσу says:

    Whoa. Thank you Zie. I’ll do my best.

  2. Kell65 says:

    I will be my best as a warlord. I am really good at creative ideas, and I can help when needed.

  3. Kell65 says:

    Yeah Zie! Except that Commando said to add me in there as Warlord, do that right away if you wish.

  4. Godplayer a.k.a. Playa says:


  5. TyloV5 says:

    I got second in the poll, for the record. I think that’s worth more than a low mod rank…

  6. TyloV5 says:

    Or I was tied for second.

  7. Alex n says:

    Every time there’s a new leader I get demoted -.- Oh well.

  8. Alex n says:

    Oh and Tylo. When McCain lost the election did we give him a high ranking position in the white house? I thought not.

  9. ¬»ℓנє98«¬ ωω ƒιєℓ∂ мαяѕнαℓℓ|нω ℓєα∂єя|яρƒ gєηєяαℓ says:

    I’m not on the ranks.

  10. Kell65 says:

    Hey guys! A new army has been formed, so far it is a small threat but, keep them in mind: Clones Army. They are growing fairly quickly on Flippers.

    Knight’s Suit
    Hockey Helmet
    Blue Backpack
    White Sneakers
    Black Guitar

    Watch out for people wearing this, we must exterminate them.

  11. Kell65 says:

    Nye250 is the Leader, remember that.

  12. emperer says:

    TyloV5 :

    Or I was tied for second.

    *plays Mario game-over noise*

  13. emperer says:

    emperer :

    TyloV5 :

    Or I was tied for second.

    *plays Mario game-over noise*

    Wait, wrong comment.

    TyloV5 :

    I got second in the poll, for the record. I think that’s worth more than a low mod rank…

    *plays Mario game-over noise*

    There. ^_^

  14. TyloV5 says:

    XD You guys think I really care.

  15. Osprey037 says:

    Tylo gets the rank of chief Tylo of the RPF branch of awesome.

  16. TyloV5 says:

    XD I love that rank Fur.

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