Omega’s Executive Order 001

United Free Servers of Club Penguin (UFSCP) ALPHA PRIORITY


Encryption Code: Yellow

Public Key: file /oscar-echo-oscar-zeero-zeero-wun/

From: Omega39, “Leader” of the Rebel Penguin Federation

To: RPF soldiers


Classification: Declassified (O39 Directive)

/start file/

Omega Edit: Just so everyone knows, canidates (this even includes myself) are not allowed to bribe anyone via xats, days, or promos in order to get themselves votes. Any type of bribe will be viewed as TREASON AGAINST THE REBEL PENGUIN FEDERATION.  Really, I believe we can do a better job than the United States can.  Step aside Republicans and Democrats, make room for the professionals! xP 

Okay, today was kind of chaotic.  Emperer Josh retired, Kyle Cease created a poll that isn’t easy to find on RPF Chat (no one ever scrolls down), and then I was told that I somehow won because everyone dropped out, leaving me winning by default.

What the heck?

This election wasn’t really organized. Which is why I will make it that way. Sergie left a post on the RNM site about not being able to be in the RPF elections. I felt really bad for him because he did a lot for the Rebel Penguin Federation and I believe that he, and many other RPF soldiers, deserve the chance to run for leader.

So, as “leader” of the Rebel Penguin Federation, I decree that we have a proper election. I will re-run, as well as the other canidates if they want.

So, this is how I will set it up:

For the first three days, people who want to run for RPF leader can, but they must be an RPF Marshal or higher in order to run.

So, if you follow that one rule above, and wish to be in the elections, please fill out this form:

1. What is your username?

2. What is your RPF rank?

Once that form is filled out, I will be sure to include you in a poll, which will be in comment form.

And after those three days, the canidates will be allowed to pick their campaign managers and create a site that states their policies, promises, plans, etc. At this span of three days, RPF creators Commando717 and Kyle Cease, in addition to former leader Emperer Josh, will host a debate in which they will ask a few questions to each canidate regarding what the canidate believes in, will do, etc. 

If the canidate wants to write a speech, they are encouraged to.  I will then post every canidate’s speech on a post, so that the whole RPF can see them.  Speeches can be submitted via comment.

After those three days, I will then create a poll.  This poll will be in comment form because polls are prone to being hacked.  Comment polls will work because the RPF site administrators will be able to check each voter’s IP Address to confirm if it is a real RPF member that is found on the ranks and to make sure they didn’t vote twice. 

That poll will then last three days for people to vote on. Also, in order to vote, you must be on the RPF ranks as of January 16, 2010.

Then, after the elections, Commando, Kyle, or Josh will make a post telling the RPF who won the elections.

So, in conclusion, this is how it will go:

  1. Stage 1:  For three days, RPF members ranked Marshal or higher can enter the elections by filling out the form above.  Forms will not be accepted after January 19.
  2. Stage 2:  For three days, canidates may submit speeches to be shown publically on the RPF site, create their own campaign site, and participate in debates hosted by Commando, Kyle, and Josh.
  3. Stage 3:  For three days, RPF members only (as of January 16) may vote for the canidates via a comment poll.  RPF site administrators will make sure that each vote came from a RPF member as of January 16 and that there are no double votes.  
  4. Stage 4: After the end of those three days of voting, Commando, Kyle, or Josh will then create a post regarding who won the election.

Nine days sounds like a long time, but I believe this is the most fair way.  

And I, Omega39, declare that we will cease fire, in means of offense, against ACP, IW, or any other army for those nine days until a canidate wins the election. 

We must fix this problem internally before we can continue our military campaign against the ACP and IW.  So, I hope you all find this fair.

And again Sergie, I apologize for what happened to you.  You, and every other RPF soldier (ranking Marshal or higher), should be given the chance to run.  I believe three days for the form to be submitted is fair.

I really hope this will be the most mature, organized, and peaceful election in RPF history.



/end file/

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30 comments on “Omega’s Executive Order 001
  1. Mijos says:

    1st, and yeah Alright good organized. I can record the debate if you want and then upload it :]

  2. Omega39 says:

    What is your username?


    What is your RPF rank?


  3. Ninjaneal says:

    1. What is your username? Ninjaneal

    2. What is your RPF rank? Feild marshel (3ic)

  4. Justinbronze says:

    1. What is your username?

    2. What is your RPF rank?
    Silver General

  5. Spongie555 says:


  6. Sergie says:

    1. What is your username?
    2. What is your RPF rank?

  7. Justinbronze says:

    Look at my campaign site Bio and poage full of promises listd there.

  8. Cuddlemuffins says:

    Aww man, a cease fire! I want to get back to owning ACP. Lets get these elections over with already!

  9. Justinbronze says:

    Oh and here is my speech, ahem:

    Fellow Soldiers of the Rebel Penguin Federation. It has come time for a change in leadership, as it always does with the retirement of a leader. But this time, the entire future of the RPF could be turned into a nightmare, or the sweetest of dreams. We can either rise to our full potential, which is at or near or height of before, or plummet down into the deepest tavern of darkness despair and non-existence. As we are the RPF we have the power to choose our leader, with an election, where almost anyone can run. We are not like most other major armies where the leader is either elected from a picked set of people or, in ACP’s case, directly named. Sometimes the second in command get’s the spot. But here even the lowest mod rank can become the leader of the best. Now before I go too much of topic with my ramblings, I urge you to elect me for leader of RPF. Many of you may not want to vote for me because you are thinking such things as “He will make us completely against ACP” or “he will just ignore everything he doesn’t like”. While I shall tell you that ignoring ANYTHING will not happen ever again, at least not under my leadership. And we will also shift our main sights from ACP to semi-ACP, mostly everyone else. I am not saying we will charge all other major armies like vikings, but I am saying we shall not isolate ourselves with ACP if i;m elected. I also plan to have more battles and invasions, not to mention weekly recruiting sessions. I also promise to bring back divisions such as the AirForce,Navy, and Army. If elected I shall also balance out politics and club penguin, meaning that each shall be treated as if equally important, and each shall be dealt with and done equally. Nobody will eve be banned or guested on chat unless they spam, are too vulgar (one might say, more vulgar than Ninja and it’s punishment) or betrays RPF. No insulting comments towards RPF, the leader, our leadership, our recent actions, or anything shall be grounds for punishment. If someone does do ban or guest you and you were not spamming chat, swearing more than Ninja, or betraying RPF, the mod or owner that did it to you (excluding Kyle,Sergie and Commando) will be demodded or deownered for 1 day- 1 week. That means a whole new kinda of freedom of speech will be present. I also plan to have a weekly or bi weekly movie night, which you can suggest movies for, which I will try to show. I also have plans for every month, a party. I will need the birthday of every RPF soldier so that every month I can throw a birthday party on Tuxedo for everyone who’s birthday is in that month. I do not have any plans for promotions, I hope to keep them at once a week, but I might make them bi-weekly, which shouldn’t be too much of a change. It is better than other armies, who have a promotion day once a month. I shall also bring forth the fact of my experience. I have been an active part of armies since 07. I have lead an army fairly well, and even lead a Nacho tactics practice session, so there is no doubt I can lead. I have been a high rank in every army I have ever joined, showing that I was always known to be experienced. I am also on chat and site a lot. In fact, if I’m not at school or sleeping or playing MW2, I’m on the chat! Now many of your might worry that I will be the death of RPF, but I promise you that if you elect me, RPF will grow and prosper. I don’t claim to be perfect, anyone who tells you they are is full of lies and deceptions. Some of the others running against me may claim to be perfect or what they plan to do may be perfect but it is all lies. They are bound to screw up a little at some point, as am I, but only a true man and soldier will be able to admit it was their fault and get back up again. So don’t vote for perfection, because there is no such thing. Vote for what’s right, vote for what’s fair. Vote for the right choice. Vote the Bronze choice. “Knowledge Talks, Wisdom Listens” Luckily I do both. Also, if you support me, put [Bronze] in your name on the chat.

  10. ¬>Lje98<¬ HW Leader|WW Field Marshall|RPF General says:

    I’ve only just joined, but I feel I could lead this army to greatness… I’m experianced, you see.
    Username: Lje98
    RPF Rank: General

    My speech:
    Fellow soldiers of the RPF! Listen up (yes, that means YOU)! Because today is the day… to end all days… in which case, makes this poll pointless. But anyway, *ahem*, as I was saying. Today, as we stand, we are in a situation of somewhat crisis. Not that we’re dying. But we aren’t what we used to be: Epicly large. I hope that if you elect me, I will be able to lead this army to its Golden Age. Because, that is achievable. Not by ACP-like dictatorship, but by a… wait, a democratic dictatorship? No… that can’t be right. The way I’d run this army, is by sometimes being democratic, and sometimes, in times of crisis and tough decision, being a dictatorship. I feel it’s the best way to get an army back up in the Top 10. I will listen to you. I will attemp to answer your pc’s. I will try to not be an epic fail. I will bring you pictures from I. Will. Attemp. To. Lead. Properly. ‘Nuff said? Nah… anyway, you might want to vote for ”perfection”. But… “Perfection is life to some people, and life is what you make it.” (in other words, perfection is what you want it to be).

    I hope that my li’l speech was enough… but if I do win the election, I’ll try to be as active as possible, because I’ve already got my own small army to lead, and I’m in WW.

  11. Ashes1627 says:

    1. What is your username? Ashes1627

    2. What is your RPF rank? “2ic” from yesterday…

  12. dryvitacp says:

    With promotions once a week, in 2 months everyone will be leader rank!! Cool, were do I join?

  13. feeaskoh121 says:

    1. What is your username? Fiasco 121

    2. What is your RPF rank? Second in Command person. Neutral in the ACP vs RPF war though

  14. CompWiz5000 says:

    CompWiz5000 and PinkMafias made a HUGE edit on their website! Go to to check it out — they’ve added an archive for us!

  15. trickster1backup1 says:

    dryvitacp :With promotions once a week, in 2 months everyone will be leader rank!! Cool, were do I join?

    Whats your problem Dryvit!

  16. zipper1009 says:

    1. zipper 1009
    2. well i am supposed to be 2ic but my rank got accidently moved down to a mod and karak says im still 2ic so yaa

  17. Spongie555 says:

    here is my campaign site

  18. emperer says:

    dryvitacp :

    With promotions once a week, in 2 months everyone will be leader rank!! Cool, were do I join?

  19. Snowbomb545

  20. Iceberry089 says:

    Iceberry 089

  21. Sergie says:

    My name is Sergie717, and I am one of the candidates for the RPF 2010 Leader Election. I am here to urge you to vote me into presidential office. I know a lot of you want me to stand up here and crack wise for two minutes and tell you that a vote for Sergie is a lot like a vote for ice cream sandwiches, but I’d first like to address some of the issues involved in tomorrow’s election.

    Tomorrow’s election is of dire importance to the future of RPF. We need strong leadership next year. I would submit to you that I am the best qualified candidate to lead the RPF. I have had a ton of experience in CP Armies, and I have been in many major battles. Even though I retired alot, I came back because RPF was my life of a ordinary homeschooler.

    One of my major concerns and first actions as president will be to create a more efficient government, a stronger and more powerful army, and lots of fun. Fun is what everyone needs nowadays in RPF or any other type of army. My proposition is that if I am elected, I will hold more Club Penguin events, establish a full-time successful government, and glue back some of the parts of the old fallen USRPF. I believe that this will be among the best of the improvements that I plan to make here. I will also try to schedule more fun activities on chat such as, Movie Nights, Birthday Parties, and more fun!

    I would like to remind you all that the position of RPF Leader is not a figurehead. This is a real job with real hard work, and I feel that I am the best qualified candidate to perform the job. I check site every day, I check chat every day. I stay long on either things.

    I cannot encourage you enough to make the right choice and vote for me on the elction. My dedication and hard work will lead us into a Golden Age. I apologize if I wasn’t funny enough to earn your vote, or if I’m not cool enough to earn your vote. But I hope my professional demeanor and serious attitude have shown you that I am devoted to the cause of improving RPF. I have earned the trust of RPF members and veterans alike. I can assure you that you can trust me with any task or any request. I have always come through in the past. I have a fun-loving side that there just wasn’t enough time to let shine through here. I hope you all vote for me, and I hope you all make the right choice. For the future of our army, put [VoteSergie] in your name and vote Sergie717 for president. Thank you.

  22. Spongie555 says:

    Well since Sergie and Justin are putting speeches here is mine. Im a candidate for RPF leader. Even though some people might not know me i want to show them i can lead. I will try to make RPF as fun as possible. I will do Birthday Parties for all troops. I will be dedicated and do the hard work needed. Ever since i start Club Penguin armies i admired RPF so much now since i have a chance to run for leader i fell honored to try to leader. I know the odds are against me but if you give me a try i will show you what I can be. I will help RPF go back into the Golden Age and be the top army. I will devote my time to RPF by retiring from all armies I am in. I will go on chat and make friends with troops. I will never ignore troops no matter what. Also i will give the troops freedom like freedom of speech and cussing(Unless they over use it). If i win i will make RPF the most feared and loved army. If i cant fulfil this promises I will let the troops make decision. So at the election I hope you vote me but pick what you think is right for RPF. Also if you support me put {voteSpongie}in your name. Thank You

    Ya my speech isnt as lond as sergie’s or justin’s but hopefully it can get so people to vote for me.

  23. Omega’s doing the right thing.
    1. What is your username?
    2. What is your RPF rank?
    Something higher than Marshal.

    My Speech:
    Pants on the ground pants on the ground
    Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground
    with the gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways, pants hit the ground,
    call yourself a cool cat
    lookin’ like a fool
    Walking downtown with your pants on the ground
    Get it up!
    Hey, get your pants off the ground!
    Lookin’ like a fool,
    Walkin, talkin’ with ya pants on the ground
    Get it up!
    Hey, get your pants off the ground!
    Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground
    Gold in the mouth, hat turned sideways
    pants hit the ground,
    call yourself a cool cat,
    lookin’ like a fool,
    walkin, talkin with ya pants on the ground
    Boom, yea pants on the ground
    lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground!
    with ya gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways
    pants hit the ground, call yourself a cool cat…

  24. nielsenkc says:

    1. What is your username? nielsenkc

    2. What is your RPF rank? i was past rpf co-leader but my current rank is leader

    I joined rpf in september of 2007 and retried in september 2009 then came back just recent in december of 2009 to join the cause against acp.

    I first joined cp armies in july of 2007. I am a expert in hit and run tacics and i am real easy to get along with if your on my good side you go and be a complete ass and stop fucking things up you better hope you have a good lawyer because your going to court.
    I plan to get things done for example

    1. RESTIBALISH the 4 branchs airforce navy marines and army.
    2. Have advance tacics to taught to everyone reach will help get that done.
    3.Increase in size with recruiting on major servers whenever we can.
    4. Pracite battles/drills we need these to keep our skills in shape.
    5.Take two more acp servers aleast 4 weeks into my term.
    6.Get a covert op group setup for special needs.
    7. Help furbur27 setup the goverment.
    8.BOOST MORAL. because the current moral is not awesome but is not bad so we need to rise that.
    9.Make sure everyone gets the rank they deserver based on standards they do in the field activeness how you help rpf become better.
    10. Help rpf become a better army overall anyways has possible.
    11. set up a offical program for the people to take pics this way we know someone is taking pics at all times and dont forget.

    Thoose are my goals.


  25. dryvitacp says:

    Nice speech, I would have put “Learn basic spelling” in there some place though.

  26. Sergie says:

    dryvitacp :
    Nice speech, I would have put “Learn basic spelling” in there some place though.

    I gotta agree with you on that.

  27. TyloV5 says:

    Username: TyloV5
    Rank: Marshal

  28. nielsenkc says:

    ik i suck at spelling… i blame my school system they did this survery thing in my grade because we all suck at spelling and found out it ws bad teaching kinda werid if you ask me.

  29. Alex n says:

    Niel. Get Firefox so you have a built in spell checker.

  30. […] First, I admit of initiating a ceasefire precisely on January 16, 2010.  You can find this on […]

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