Bringing it Back

Well, back when this site was for stupid CP there was another site called Rebel News Media where I posted about random stuff in a semi-daily post. Well I’m going to be doing that again but on this site. I’ll make the posts weekly or a few times a week. They will be full of news for different games, real life news, probably some funny videos or pics. I’m not sure what I’ll call it though. I could just call it something boring like ‘Federation News with Osprey037’. Or I could go for something random that I would regret after a week. Or I could go with something that simply supports my massive ego like ‘The Federation Report with His Holyness’. Or perhaps I could go with ‘The Federation Report’. I think i’ will go with that. 🙂

Retirement from CP

Though I don’t officially become retired until tomorrow, I am still going to post my retirement post today.

I had quite a ride in CP armies, I’ve d0ne many amazing things. My first triumph came after the retirement of Kg007. Commando decided that all of congress should run RPF instead of a single leader. That would have resulted in 7 leaders and RPF falling. It was I who in two paragraphs singlehandedly convinced Commando that 7 leaders was a horrible idea. it was my first triumph and possibly my greatest. I was a head general who saved RPF.

My next triumph came in the Ziehen era. It wasn’t a single event, it was my determination and leadership in the RPF navy branch. I created competition between the branches and that benefited RPF as a whole. I became the greatest branch leader RPF had ever seen.

My third triumph was with the revolutionary department of foreign affairs. It’s purpose was to talk RPF’s way out of wars we could not win or simply did not feel like fighting. I do, however relate this triumph to a single event, when RPF was at war with just about every other army on CP. I managed to make a deal with Kg007 where RPF kept only 5 servers but wasn’y destroyed by ACP.

Though I did other great things including solving the case of John Borne hacking the RPF website (with the help of Jedimaster17 from ACP), and many other things. My next triumph came under Kyle Ceases leadership, where I did many things as RPF 2nd in command, enough to become the greatest RPF 2nd in command ever. The greatest thing I did was create a government that was fair and was a democracy but that was there if anyone wanted to propose a bill, not there to be the focus of the entire army.

I then went on to be RPF leader. I wasn’t an amazing leader. Sometimes you can make a greater army as a soldier then as a leader. It is the soldiers that make the army, and right now if I could pick if I wanted to be in the RPF where I was head general or where I was leader I would pick head general. Leaders have stress, responsobility, and no drive. When you have something to look up to and say ‘I want to be that rank’ you have more drive. Leaders have nothing like that, all I had was ‘i want to be the next Commando’. But when you have all that on your shoulders you notice how stupid it is to be an army on a game where you can’t die. There are no weapons, no charts, no health bars, just you and some snowballs. So that is why I am leaving, I want to be thr next Commando, still, but I do not want to be the next Commando on CP.

This is not the end, this is simply a new beginning.


Clear Ice 42 – the greatest apprentice anyone could have.

Papa Zou – xD you will never read this but I owe my entire RPF career to you, afterall, you recruited me!

Commando717 – Amazing guy

Kyle Cease – Lol, I think back to when I hated you, all I can say is I was a n00b then. You have to be one of the 5 smartest people to ever be involved in CP armies.

Karakoran – Back when you wanted to retire the reason I didn’t want you to is because you reminded me of a less experienced me. ^_^





John Borne


Blak Mafias



Alex N

Bleu Missy – nice name, and go get a shovel,  and… lol


Tucker Jinx




Nielenkc – Amazing friend, and amazing soldier

Fere – Let’s just stick with calling each other Fere and Furgasm, ok. 🙂 xDDD



King Ziehen

And many more…


Seanehawk – I really think I should have stayed in FR… Who knew that two soldiers from a tiny army that no one had ever heard of would become ACP leader and RPF leader?

Ktman2 – Good luck, you are one of the greatest soldiers of all time. Yea, you do belong in the top ten on that list. xD

Jedimaster17 – There are no words to describe how important and amazing your friendship has been.




Dee – Great minds share the same date of birth, Dee, you have great things left to do.



Themouse10 – my best UK friend, sorry Dee, you get best punk rocker for life friend.

Itachi6dark – We had our ups and downs, but you’re a friend











Shadow – great leader, thanks for all the advice





Wii Mountain – Amazing leader and good friend. Good luck in life

Spaceybirdy – I miss you Spacey



His Holyness – Osprey037

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9 comments on “Bringing it Back
  1. Alex n says:

    Sad to see you go.

  2. Boomer 20 says:

    Sorry to hear you are retiring, and it’s unfortunate you inherited such a bad situation in RPF because I know you would have been a great leader. Thanks for mentioning me in your post, and hopefully we can keep in touch.


  3. Oberst543 says:

    Bye Fur.

  4. auburndude says:

    Dear Furbur,

    You were the only leader I was ever under in RPF but the millionth in my history. I am being honest when I say you were one of the best if not the best. We will all miss you and I hope you enjoy your retirment and I am assured you will help RPF in times of need.

    Thanks for Being So Great,

  5. emperer says:

    Less experianced? 😕

  6. Sgt Crazynes says:

    Good Bye Your Holyness 😛

  7. Bleu Missy says:

    LMAO I TOTALLY FERGOTS ABOUT THOSE INSIDE JOKES XDDD Yuu have a mediumish shovel Furry Burry xD

    I remember when yuu said I could give lapdances to those who went on CP to make people go on CP more xD

  8. trickster1backup1 says:

    Furbur, sad to see you go and same with Boomer, it sucks that you had to be leader right when Rpf was low. I bet and pretty sure, That you are a Great Leader. Thanx for mentioning me in ur post-and thanks for being a great pal.


    P.S. You nerd (JK!)

  9. Seanehawk says:

    You were my first friend in CP Armies, really sad to see you go….

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