Oh Yeah!

Announcing the winner of the elections! I forgot! Okay, so here’s the deal! Counting up the votes, it would seem that Furbur has won the elections. I wish him well in his four months! Long live and prosper, RPF!

In other news, I’ll continue to make a few funny posts on this site. I love this site. And if Furbur needs me to do anything that he can’t (‘cos I’m going to make him an editor – I don’t think WordPress will let me make anyone an administrator ever again XD), I’ll do it for him. I’ll continue making a pathetic attempt to update the song-of-the-day and the advice column.

And I’m going to make my own site where I’ll be reviewing videogames and movies and whatnot. I’ll try to update that as much as possible. If I don’t use bustabus, then I’m going to redecorate spamcats. Have a nice day!


Squirrels have four main arteries used to circulate black bile to and from their major organs. This bile is what keeps them immortal.

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7 comments on “Oh Yeah!
  1. 100thninja says:

    First comment

  2. Don’t forget the announcements.

  3. TyloV5 says:

    Congrats Fur! Good luck as leader!

  4. Furbur27 (other computer) says:

    It’d be good to see spamcats active again. If all else fails Id be happy to add you to my old site where you could write about whatever the heck you want. 😉

    Now I need to go make a post.

    ~ Furbur27, RPF leader

  5. Boomer 20 says:

    Woo Furbur! I voted for you even though it didn’t count xD

  6. acpenemie says:

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  7. Alex n says:


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