Greetings From the 7th Leader of RPF

Greetings RPF Soldiers

To start off, we need to elect a new congress. Sonce we have 19 elidgable candidates, it will be sorta crazy, but one poll is the fairest way to do this. 😦

Here is the poll:

There are many things I still need to do. I have several cabinet positions that I am handing out. I will get the ranks updated every week, and get new people added to them. The ranks page will also be changed soon to have a link to the RPF ranks website, which can be found here:

Otherwise, Kyle got RPF back in the game. My job, now, is to get RPF so that were winning that game. As you should have noticed, niel is the new 2nd in command. His job is simple, to run congress and to make my job easier.

RPF Days

For our first RPF days we will take it easy, and just have a practice battle and a party.:)

What? A practice battle

Why? ditto…

Who? RPF vs. WW

Where? Parka, Mine

When? Saturday August 8th at 5:30 PM PST

5:30 Pacific

6:30 Mountain

7:30 Central

8:30 Eastern

12:30 AM GMT. O_O

Now for the party!

What? A party…

Why? We have a new leader, that’s worth celebrating…

Who? Anyone, even the dumpster guys. 🙂

Where? RPF chat!

When? sunday, August 9th at 5:30 PM PST

5:30 Pacific

6:30 Mountain

7:30 Central

8:30 Eastern

12:30 AM GMT. O_O

You might be wonering why everything is at 5:30? It’s because that’s when I notice the most people on RPF chat. 🙂

~ Furbur27, RPF Leader, I Am the Osprey

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19 comments on “Greetings From the 7th Leader of RPF
  1. TyloV5 says:

    Darn it, I’m not in the running for congress…

    Anyway, good Post Fur. And sorry, but I wont be active from about Friday to Sunday, so I can’t go to the RPF days thing…

  2. serena105 says:

    I won’t be able to make the practice battle, but i might be able to go to the party…bad timing though.
    I’m grounded lol

  3. Has Kyle’s term ended? Because I cannot trust your electoral dates anymore. The first poll started a day early, the real comment poll ended a day early. I’m assuming your term is starting because dates don’t matter once you’re in power, right?

    Oh, right. My response to the new ranks (when looking at Air Force Warlord and Air Force Head General on “therpfranks” site):

    “You fucking son of a bitch.”

  4. And just by the way. You’re only the 6th leader of RPF; unless we cloned Commando717 in January.

    (Com (2), KG, JB, Zie, KC, You.)

  5. Nevermind, Americans count different (than my nation and neighboring nations). You’re 7th leader. Congratulations, bastard.

  6. Goofy mac567 says:

    cpw is back, we r having a tournament please go to, cpw and rpf have always been good allies so please help us if a mod reads this, please post it, as we are struggling with numbers at the moment.

  7. Alex n says:

    ziehen shut up just because Dj didnt win means you have to go and insult furbur besides we all knew he would win. And ziehen John borne was never really leader. He liked to think that.

  8. Kyle Cease says:

    Wow Ziehen, Crybaby much? Jesus.

  9. lothrige456 says:

    Alex N: With JB, Furbur is the 7th leader, without, he’d be the 6th.

  10. Boomer 20 says:

    lol Kyle, and congrats Furbur, you’ll do a good job 8)

  11. Alex n says:

    Beep wrong John borne liked to think he was leader but no one showed up at the debate but him and his voter. so we re did it. Trust me I was there when it all hapend

  12. lothrige456 says:

    That makes him the 6th leader, for I read the complete archives, young one. My bro was the 3rd leader. Who am I? XP

  13. I consider John Borne the third leader, but I guess you guys aren’t. If you do consider him the third leader, then you are John Borne’s brother that he never told me about. xD

  14. clearice42 says:

    Yay! I got two votes! Congress here I come. And also, PARTY!!!!! and battle.

  15. How many congressmen will there be? 4 points.

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