Pandora’s Box (And Other Cubes Involved in World Creation)

Guess what! Come on, guess… I know you hate this game, but just guess for me! Please? I’ve won the position of RPF Leader! Hooray! I’m just making this post to get things started off, but I’ll make a post-post later on tonight. I’ll see what I can get done in this little 15 minute period I have.

So, a long time ago, a wise man asked me “Kyle, what are your future plans for RPF”, to which I promptly responded, “Well, I believe that we could use a ficus over here. Maybe a few palm trees in the back, and I’m going to be purchasing a grape vine to hang across my cieling,” to which he promtly responded in rebuttle, “I said ‘plaNs’.” To which I responded in yet another rebuttle, “I’ll be flying Southwest Airlines from here on out, baby.” He then called me an idiot and ended the interview. So, my friends: The plans for R.P.F.

As I just started as a leader, I’m going to need some little ‘tutorials’ so to speak in my leadership. But the first change I Can garuntee you all, is an updated rank system. No, people aren’t going to get promotions (some of you are, some of you are also gonna get demoted. I’m sorry, seriously.) But I need to change the rank names! They’re so gosh darn boring! I understand it’s not fun to be on the bottom of the ranks, but if I called the bottom rank “Blood-Killer” or something, you’d probably want to be at the bottom of the ranks! So, to stop mostly complaining, but also to add fun to the life of the RPF, we’re going to be getting some updated rank names.

In addition to updated rank names, is a sensational new idea I had. The Media Branch of RPF. It is completely unrelated to the Military. It’s for people that I feel are worthy of reporting the news. If you have a story you would like to submit to RPF, simply email it to me. All stories must be real tellings of current happenings. It doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, until you realize that you will just be writing short reports on whatever interests you. If written well, I’d promote you. Everyone who’s news story I like, I will promote to Author on the RPF site, and they will be able to make other news-worthy posts based on the genre they would like to cover. So far, I’m thinking: Sports, Trivia, Music, Movies, TV, Economics, Politics, and Regular CP Army News.

I hope you like the next four months as much as I will. My goal is for you to have the most fun you’ve ever had in the R.P.F., and to do that, we’re going to need parties. Lots of them. This Friday night will be Movie night, on RPF Chat. Come dressed as your favorite movie character, and celebrate with us at 9 pm est. Hope you make it.

P.S. – Send your Mail to

~Kyle~Dr Pepper Fueled Rage-Trip


Squirrels have four main arteries used to circulate black bile to and from their major organs. This bile is what keeps them immortal.

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15 comments on “Pandora’s Box (And Other Cubes Involved in World Creation)
  1. Mrs.Raven511426 says:

    Congrats Kyle šŸ˜€

  2. Jingle Jay says:


  3. club penguin says:

    I have added your blogging on my site:
    Can you add my site to your blogroll ????
    my mail:

    change “#” to “@”

    Have a nice day.

  4. Sergie says:

    Third! Go Kyle *blows horn*

  5. Noil Man says:

    Fourth! And can you add the PST time please? Thats EST time, thanks dude, and congrats, and im sure RPF will be fun, blood-killer, awesome šŸ˜€

  6. djgtjvgyhxgy says:

    I am resigning from the election for rpf leader due to mat spreading lies about me and how i “joined” in janurary 2009. this is a load of bullcrap. here is my true history in rpf and what ive done for it.

    In late july 2007, some time after ww3, i joined rpf by sending commando a email. i was ranked a 5 star general due to me and my army helping the rpf in its first invasion of mammoth. i was active till the middle of august when i resigned. i rejoined in april 2008 and was active for 2-3 months, due to my ex main armies site being hacked. i became active again once ziehen became leader. i became extremly active once i was premoted to warlord. soon after, due to an accident i was in the hospital for a week and returned to find i was demoted to general. for a month or two i worked hard to get that spot back. when andrew was demoted due to inactiveness and i was repremoted to warlord, i bought rpf a .com. after that, i helped recon and invade the servers in the rpf and acp war. i also helped defend tuxedo in the acp counter attack.

    so dont believe these lies, what mat has done to win i think is unconsitutional. he bribes people to vote for him, spread lies and other stuff. next time, keep this in mind.

    -Dj rpf luminary and legend

  7. Foxtails says:


  8. klug1234 says:

    eff you kyle, youd suck at RPF leader.

  9. Foxtails says:

    oh, and 1st šŸ˜‰

  10. foxtails0 says:

    you sons of a biatches! DX

  11. Alex n says:

    Sweet Kyle won,At lest we can party alot and kyle wont care

  12. batintrenche says:

    :ono: the worlds gonna end soon…

  13. Noseycjr says:

    so will you allow RPF to hack more as leader? I hope you dont, or i will report this site to wordpress. whoever it is in your army that is hacking, tell them to quit, or, again, this site will be reported to wordpress.

  14. spongebob007 says:

    Wtf? Kyle won, fair and swaure. And we arent hacking! YEESH.

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