Alright, this is Commando717 speaking. All I can say is a few things that have led up to my retirement this month.

Its been a great ride guys, four months it has been since I came back on January 1st, 2009. I have proved to myself that I am one hell of a leader. Being able to take RPF and turn it back into a super power. If I planned on staying any longer I could assure you that we would grow to an unbelievable size. But coincidentally history might repeat itself and I might become the second Pink Mafias.

Besides from that, armies them self are at a checkmate situation right now. There will be no progress any time soon. Why? Well Ive finally figured it out, from Omega39’s perspective. Infact he did have a good reason for what he tried to do. Armies are stuck in this endless noob hell, and no wars situation, right now because of a chain of reasons. Who ever throws the first punch will be turned against and flattened. Everybody always trys to get involved due to the lack of wars. But see, even when theres a war. It is ended when ACP gets involved. Who ever has ACP wins the war, battle, or anything. Then even if your allies with ACP, there are so many that your army will not be seen. My point is. Because ACP has the most attractive name to kids: Army Of Club Penguin, they are the biggest, and they are so big that nothing can progress with out them ending it first.

Now, don’t get mad at me. Because Im not going to do anything. Im only speaking my mind about this. Now a days as you can see, even if you say something about some one that sounds even the most minor of an insult to them. Something can start. Its like a room with too much oxygen, the little is spark can set off a raging fire.

Well Im going to leave Dragonninja0 to continue what I started here at RPF. I can only imagine where he will lead this army. Im still questioning about letting another admin on the site only to cause trouble. Im still questioning whether or not there should be a election for leader. Democracy was never re-founded. Perhaps I have one more thing to finish before I really go.

Don’t worry though, Ill still be on chats and what not, maybe not RPF chat. But you have to know, Im in 9th grade and I have a life to deal with now. I cant always be leading the way.

– Commando717

Also, has anybody seen  my Cheesecake? (There, now the title makes sense)

Fight The Good Fight

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15 comments on “Cheesecake?
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  2. emperer says:


  3. Dr mario says:

    i killed your cheesecake. i strangled it with barbed wire untill it painfully died.


  4. Boomer 20 says:

    Wow, I’m really sad to see this, but I guess we all have to go eventually. Commando, it’s been great getting to know you over the past few months. You’re a great guy, and a tremendous leader. RPF was resurrected in mere months under your leadership, and we can only hope that it will continue now that you have left. You got them back on their feet, but I guess it’s time for someone else to take the reigns. I’ll try to talk to you on chat when I get the chance. Good luck with life! 😉

    Your friend,

  5. terryking24 says:

    You make complete sense when you say “Who ever throws the first punch will be turned against and flattened”

  6. Furbur27 (other computer) says:

    Commando, I’ve said before that I would have become leader if you hadn’t come back, that is true and I had reason to be a little pissed about you returning and taking away my chance, but I wasnt. I could have brought RPF back, I have no doubt, but I could not have done it as fast as you did. CP armies will have their ups and downs, last summer things went crazy in CP armies and RPF in particular. Last summer everyone in RPF made decisions that in the end either made or broke their career, last summer I emerged as a defining force for RPF. My greatest lagacy would have been convincing you that RPF needed one leader, not a congress to lead. I just wonder what the future holds, there will be a massive world war, I can feel it. It will be the greatest war of CP armies, I can feel it. Come May 8th it will have been two years since you created RPF, alot has happaned, there was WWIII, there were the wars in tundra and many other wars, we had Kg as our leader, and then he retired. We had the chaos that followed Kg’s retirement, we had the disputed leadership with John Borne, and then we had Ziehen. Ziehen made RPF a real democracy, but then we had the investigations with Blak Mafias, and Dragon. Then we had WWIV, which brought RPF together if only for a few weeks. After that we had the first war with ACP that made RPF fall to their knees, and then the second war with the other major armies taking our side. Then you, Commando came back, and RPF returned. All I can say is that no matter what has happaned in the past there will be more to come, eventually all CP armies will fall because of what you said, it is just a house of n00bs, but no matter, RPF will keep fighting ands tougher times will come, but RPF will survive.

    ~ Furbur27 *salutes*

  7. snuffy101010 says:


  8. leoblue33cheats says:

    Buh Bye Comanndo Best didctator Ever 😥

  9. Furbur27 (other computer) says:

    To follow up on what I said about CP armies one day ending, it could be that CP armies will move in cycles. As more n00bs come eventually total n00bs will end up leading major armies, this will cause loss of any purpose or organization to CP armies and we will go back to stuff like WWII where armies are fighting each other for the heck of it. Then it could be that people who aren’t n00bs will start showing up again, and though those n00b armies would probably have websites these non n00bs would bring organization back. This is unlikely, buit it was just something I thought of so I thought I would share.

  10. Why did you retire!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to be lead by Dragon! he is a right on fag!!!

  11. I’ll miss you as the RPF leader Commando, You’ve lead us for years. It just peals so weird with you leaving. But live and let die, you can’t waste your life on a PC with CP armies.

    Good luck in life.
    ~Tiny Finn

  12. oliball says:


  13. sillysparkie says:

    😥 I was going to protest but what good for it? I guess someone like me wouldn’t understand that there’s a life somewhere out there.. Somewhere where i can’t reach, so i’m stuck here for the rest of my days.. But that’s not the point. The point is, actually, that before you leave, i want to ask you something. What’s going to happen to ask commando? That was like the best thing about RPF (no offence to RPF). Now i only have the ACP quotes page to keep me laughing but i read it over about 500 times and it never gets updated…
    And so, I Salute you Commando717. Have a great life and come back to visit sometimes please because I… Cannot go on chats, and if that’s the only place you’ll be then im in shit for meeting you.
    There was something else i was genna say… Are you retiring from every army?
    So, I salute you again. GoodBye/// 😥 \\\

    PS: PLEASE DO THE ASK COMMANDO AND THE NEWS BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Pretty please? Pretty please with a charry on top?

    ~Sparkie ( 😥 )

  14. Bleu Missy says:

    Freaky, I clicked the post looking for somthing funny, instead I got the oposit, Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaky maaaaaaaaaaaan 8) FREAKY INSANE DEMENTED HIPPIE O:

  15. hehe, demented hippie! xD

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