Dear RPF members,

with this document, I hereby formally and officially resign from my positions of RPF Leader, modernly known as General Field Marshal, and USRPF President. My service, after 18 months and 3 days, has therefore officially come to an end. And yes, this was approved by also-resigning Prime Minister Karlsruhe94.

As I reflect as to why I ever stayed so long and cared so much about this Army, I recall the big rumors that were surrounding the “rebellion against the UMA.” Many joined back then, and fighting on the winning side was of course the most appealing things of all.

However, I was oftenly bugged by how I was treated as a General by superiors – Kman726, Dragonninja0, and Kona are a few to name. I felt it was an abuse. To rid myself of this abuse as quickly as possible, I commited to full service and allegiance to the RPF and its leader – Commando717. I saw myself move up through the ranks. My biggest moment under Commando’s leadership was promotion to Airforce Branch Leader. This helped me a lot in preparing to become the potential heir “to the throne”, if you will. I believe that was the peak of the Federation so far. In mid-April, big change came. Although it took a long time for people to realize – at least 3 months after that change of tides to be exact – I noticed the drop into the depths of “negation” just by looking at amount of posts and comments. When Kg007 resigned after less than 3 months, an upsetting 13 days arose. Leadership was uncertain – there was no true “heir.”

More surprising than anything was my climb to the “throne.” I myself see my overall actions as “reforms.” Hopefully, I will be remembered for that. I somewhat fit in-between Commando’s and Kg’s actions and policies. However, the “old ways”, such as hard discipline, that were enforced from the day I joined until early autumn are now unwanted. The people have voted in 3 census polls – every single one speaks against me. The simple formula and slogan “When resistance is greater than support, ‘you’re screwed!'” is the principle of my belief of leadership and when it becomes useless.

My biggest achievement, I believe, was introducing a Constitution – big gratitude and awareness shall also go out to Omega39, who worked on it for multiple consecutive months. Another big achievement was the Tundra Union – it has not been more peaceful and in orderly conduct in almost a year, a time when the governor disappointingly abdicated from his position.

Perhaps my biggest mistake was not treating some soldiers with enough respect. Perhaps people are always first, while the leader is last – in everything; who knows? The phrase “A good leader is the one who leads with fear.” is obviously not suited in a society, which wants change from “old ways.” But the big mistake that I simply could not fix in my 5 months as leader was that of a “greed for power.” Some say it is a “human condition” – however, must I remind you that they are referring to valuable things in the “real world?” This is NOT a “real thing” – it, and its story of creation are rather “fictional”, in a sense. Therefore my salute goes out to Lpg123, who has shown repeatedely, that to him humility matters in front of authority and luxury – a bow to him for that.

Thank-You! to:

Karlsruhe94, resigning Prime Minister (still active)





Wii Mountain

Kyle Cease


John Borne












Dragonninja0 – what would life be without that one, above-all “nemesis?!?”

I wish all candidates, the RPF, USRPF government and any affiliated units or groups the best of luck in the future! I hope to see you all for the “Christmas party!” It will mark the half-time way of the time period from now until January 1, 2009 – the day my term officially ends… for good.


Ziehen, resigning RPF Leader (on 31 December, 2008)

PS: Lpg123 – fix that poll, non-cookie computers can vote multiple times.


Commando Edit: Ziehen you were a great leader, you laid the path for future leaders; feel proud that you got to lead the RPF. *Salutes

PS: I haven’t saluted since my retirement 8 months ago today, I’m going to go visit that post…

Schloogzeig, Torwart, Oli Kahn. Binne schdolzer Badner.

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24 comments on “Resignation
  1. spongebob007 says:

    Jeez, everybody forgets me in their thank you lists.

  2. lpg123 says:

    Thanks for including me in this resignation post. I am really appreciate of it. Ziehen you are a good friend of mine. A good “mate”!.

    p.s. Thanks for the medal.


    – Lpg 123

  3. 1bam18 says:

    well thats our thrid and second best leader.Lets see who will be the foruth leader.
    p.s.spongebob007 I will make a speech when I retrire for good and will but you in the list even though i have no idea who you are

  4. Damn, your leaving. And we were about to have so much fun together as leaders. I hope you have a great time away from here Ziehen. Have a good life.

    -To Ziehen!

  5. 1bam18 says:

    akabob your not a indestructible master of war

  6. Omega39 says:

    It was an honor working by your side Ziehen. I commend you for all the excellent work you have completed in the Rebel Penguin Federation. You saved the RPF from being dead. Let’s just hope that whoever is elected will turn the next chapter for the RPF to come back to its golden years. Your hard work, loyalty, and accomplishements will not be forgotten. Good luck in life, sir.

    I Salute You,

    Omega39, RPF Silver General

    P.S. Thank you for including me in your resignation letter.

  7. Crazyboy86 says:

    wow… well bye ziehen

  8. jedimaster17 says:

    It was an honor to work with you Ziehen. I believe you did much for this RPF, and RPF will forever remember you.
    Good bye sir.

  9. I knew this was coming, I still can’t quite decide what I think about it. My thoughts about your time as leader will always be mixed. RPF would not still be here without you. You may not have been the best leader but you kept us alive. We may have been moving forward slowly but we where moving forward.

    I will always remember you, and so will RPF. You may not be remembered as one of the greatest leaders RPF has ever seen, but you will be remembered for making there be an RPF for those leaders.

    Goodbye Ziehen, and good luck in whatever comes next. *salutes*

  10. zie i fewthings to say to u u gave me hell u gave me hell but more the hell part u were a firend and best firend bye zie 😦

  11. workyrulez says:

    Goodbye Ziehen sir. Im sure everyone will miss you.



    Your friend,


    ps. crap, i wasnt in the thankyou list of ppl. oh well.

  12. You served a good term Ziehen, and you put the RPF a whole lot closer to what it was. Keep in touch buddy.

    – Commando717

  13. Bleu Missy says:

    OKAY, no offence ziehen, BUT WHY THE HECK, are you retiring!?!?!?! you are a good leader!!!

    ps:im sorry for banning you on WW chat i was pissed off cus i happen to like french stuff

    pss: you had a big shovle XD (inside joke between me and furbur)

  14. Shaboomboom says:

    Ty Zie. Even tho u didnt trust me or acp a lot you still were a good leader

  15. casius1brutus says:

    Well What can i say ziehen?.
    Good Luck in life
    It was an honor and a pleasure to of known you and worked beside you



  16. Ctar says:

    Well. I havent liked u personally, but that cant take my respect away from u as a leader. When RPF was going down or; no one attack me for this, but when RPF was dead, u brought it back. Thats a great leader, a leader who can bring a army back like that. My only request please dont be like Oagal, I mean plz. That will ruin the army u built up. Thats my only request, good luck to u in the future.

  17. Goodbye Ziehen.
    You were a great leader… even though you think that Cyprus shouldn’t have the Euro as their currency lol.

    Good luck for the future.


  18. daddyocool says:

    I should be a candidate for leader….


  19. soccerpr30611 says:

    well cya zie

  20. §♥§Spaceybirdy§♥§ - ★WW Leader★ says:

    I’m gonna miss BOTH you and your brother 😦 You were an awesome leader, Zie…

  21. Come to my party on Saturday !!!

    When: 20th December, 7:00 AM PST.

    Where: Icicle Dock.

    Why: 5,000 hits on MA site! ( – and to celeberate the fact that I quit ACP to join Nachos and RPF!

    Who’s invited: Everyone!!!


  22. foxtails0 says:

    sergie! woo woo sergie!

  23. Times change, Ziehen has laid the road for the next leader of RPF. Anything at this point could happen. We just have to wait and see.

    – Commando717

  24. yoshi nelly says:

    lol i have been taken of rpf but oh well its ok, at least i was a warlord thats what i wanted to be and thats all good luck to yall, and omega you should be the next rpf ruler

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