Re: A Suggestion.


this is King Ziehen, 2 star Airforce Warlord and Branch Leader of the Airforce. I am directly affected by Lpg123’s suggestion to stop using independent Blogs for Branches, and adding pages onto this blog. Reasons for my personal objection:

  • No creativity is allowed (not allowed to edit header, blogroll, etc.)
  • Branch Leaders are only authors; I doubt that they would accept 4+ editors
  • Overall, it has been a tradition for the Branch Leaders to be in “full” charge of their Branch Blog

On another note, Ziehen has allowed me to schedule Senate Meetings due to Sergie notifying him of “a busy week”. I am therefore scheduling a meeting on Thursday, at 2:30 pm PST at the Senate chat (location to be announced on xat Private Chat). The topics are also to be announced half an hour to 0 minutes before the start of the meeting. I hope that all 6 (7 if Sergie can make it) are able to attend. Since I called this meeting, I am the Head of Senate for this particular meeting.


King Ziehen, Airforce Warlord, 2 stars

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4 comments on “Re: A Suggestion.
  1. jedimaster17 says:

    Unfortunately King Ziehen I might be at Kumon then, so I’m not sure. I’ll try.
    RPF Head General & Senator

  2. Sergie says:

    This is such a rip-off. I said I will be busy, but I never said that I can’t go on Senate or RPF chat. :S

  3. yoshi nelly says:

    but come on think about it do you really think we are going to the sites? some of them are but not most of us.

  4. Furbur27 AKA Keokeo says:

    I live in pacific time which is the same as PST so I will have to do school then, saturday morning works well for me and I had some things I wished to bring up.

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