A Suggestion.

Hello, just me Lpg 123 again.

Sergie717, with your new sites for the various RPF branches. I know that most people won’t visit the sites because personally I would just rather visit one particular site (rpfrulers), so l am suggesting that you could make a new page or edit a existing one, with sub-pages linked so that the branch leader could edit the page with new content.


RPF Branches>>Military branch (updated by branch leader)

if you don’t understand this, just ask me on chat


– Lpg 123


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10 comments on “A Suggestion.
  1. spiff313 says:


  2. Sergie (SIC) says:

    Good Idea Lpg. I think that would be great. 🙂

  3. anonymous says:


  4. Super Blip says:

    umm whoever the leader of rpf is can i be in the airforce branch plz?PLZ.PLZ.PLZ.

  5. anonymous says:

    I love you

  6. dcmafiaboss says:

    Sergie, you are the largest suck up I have ever seen, seriously, not to mention your pathetic, RPF must be idiots to let you become the SIC.

    Commando717: You must then suck a lot to STILL BE HERE.

  7. yoshi nelly says:

    good idea and amonymous you wont be anonymous when im done learning how to hack into other ppl computers so if i was you i would stop

  8. Omega39 says:

    I already know who anonymous is. Wally you are such an imature child. You do not even have a reason to despise the RPF. Please Wally, only the biggest noobs come up with those conclusions.

  9. John says:

    I think that would be better

  10. Super Blip says:

    commando put me in airforce branch! 😦

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