Resetting the Branches

Currently, the R.P.F. branches are all messed up. People are trying to figure out which site to look in, well today is your lucky day. I, Sergie, am proposing King Ziehen, Lpg123, Nielsenkc, and Furbur 27 to burst into action. I want at least 5 posts a week. Your sites will be:

Airforce: (King Ziehen)

Navy: (Furbur27)

Military: Lpg123 or the person who will be taking his spot when he retires please create the Military site in a week. 1st Warning (When you do comment on this post with link.)

Marines: (Nielsenkc)

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9 comments on “Resetting the Branches
  1. Furbur27 AKA Keokeo says:

    I’ve been having troubles with the navy ranks because Ziehen has been promoting, demoting,and transfering people without first letting me know, so the ranks on the RPF navy website are out of date.

  2. Furbur27 AKA Keokeo says:

    Lpg is going to be retiring soon ( 😦 ) so I find it would be pointless to have him make a website now.

  3. ormsbydroid1 says:

    ziehein why am i demoted? lol

  4. John says:


  5. wally4531 says:

    rpf sucks dick
    screw you screw rpf
    you guys are just fuckers

  6. TyloV5 says:

    Dear RPF:

    My name is TyloV5. I’m a soldier in the ACP. I know we had some differences a little while ago. But we need to move on. We used to be the greatest allies. What happened to that? I’m running for governor of Grizzly and Flippers. When it comes time to vote, vote TyloV5. I know the change that needs to be made. Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for your time.


  7. jedimaster17 says:

    Alright, I’ll be there. I’m a Navy Head General by the way.

  8. John Borne says:

    you tell them to get off their asses, yet your the one who comes to the rpf, works hard for like a week, quits, and then comes back again, and somehow you keep getting your ranks back, your a pathetic suck up man. ( Sergie, not saying this to anyone but sergie)

  9. wally4531 says:

    you guys all suck your mothers fuck hole!

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