[U.S.]R.P.F. Senate

Dear RPF members,

after 177 votes in about 1 day and 16 hours, the new [U.S.]R.P.F. Senate has been decided by the people in a fair, democratic election:

1. King Ziehen 31 votes

=2. Bobliosenior 25 votes

=2. Jedimaster17 25 votes

4. Islandershky 23 votes

5. Lordcody56 20 votes

6. Furbur27 19 votes


=7. Gregorey 13 votes

=7. Nielsenkc 13 votes

9. Yeti 5 votes

10. Pengin Link 2 votes

11. Lpg123 1 vote

=12. Snake 0 votes

=12. Yoshi Nelly 0 votes

Congratulations to King Ziehen, Bobliosenior, Jedimaster17, Islandershky, Lordcody56, and Furbur27 once more for their hard work to earn their ranks and be eligible for this election! King Ziehen will be the Deputy Head of Senate. The Senate has immediate rights to call a meeting (to be approved by Head of Senate, Sergie717) and to create laws, review laws, reject laws; to veto my decisions for the nation (cannot currently veto any decisions for the army).

Snake is under the suspicion of having cheated. Until 11 pm PST yesterday (8 am my time, I followed the electiosn closely) Snake only had 2 votes. By 8 am PST he had 26 votes. That is 2 votes in the first 30 hours of the election, and 24 more in the following 9. Also, it is suspicious, as he got 24 votes during Night in America. His results has been reset to 0 for this matter.


Ziehen, RPF Leader

PS: Everyone to the RPF chat now!

Schloogzeig, Torwart, Oli Kahn. Binne schdolzer Badner.

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17 comments on “[U.S.]R.P.F. Senate
  1. The Jungle N says:

    FIRST! and jedimaster sucks…

  2. ~Seafoo5~ says:

    yeti should have won

  3. ~Seafoo5~ says:

    why did comando quit?

  4. ormsbydroid1 says:

    :0 kwl i voted for furbur woop
    seafoo to answer that question commando quit because i think he wanted to move on from cp and now has founded a gaming site i dont have the link though..
    this isnt exact but it doesent matter 😛

  5. Bloobloo1 says:

    I want to join

  6. Bloobloo1 says:

    Can I please join?

  7. Omega39 says:

    Ziehen, the Senate creates the laws/treaties, you approve them, but the Judicial branch rejects them or approves them. That is how it should work out so each branch (legislative, executive, and judicial) does not have too much power over each other. This will make each branch of the USRPF eqaul.

  8. Omega39 says:

    Overall, congratulations King Ziehen, Jedimaster17, Bobliosenior, Islandershky, Lordcody56, and Furbur27.

  9. The Juristictional Branch shouldn’t bet allowed to reject what I approve. That would make me “useless” and “powerless”. How about if I approve them, they can’t reject them anymore. If the entire Senate votes for approval, and so do I, no one should be able to reject it, not even Judges, Omega39.

  10. Omega39 says:

    Ok Ziehen, it makes sense now. Thank you for informing me of your concerns. We will just use the Judicial Branch for trials, law enforcing, and reviewing of laws.

  11. blak mafias says:

    oh hey ziehen i hope the recruitment vid contest is still out and i wanna put one up. but my hypercam is at my other parents and i wont be over at there house till friday so can i turn it in on sat???

  12. jedimaster17 says:

    Awesome! I’m a RPF Senator!
    Thanks everyone who voted for me.

  13. Blak Mafas says:

    wow wally. thank you for alerting us that your a spy…

  14. You would’nt let me join RPF – would you now ?

  15. wally4531 says:

    actually acp spy is just my screen name
    skrew rpf you fuckers

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