Practice Battle Reminder

I just thought I should remind all of you about the practice battletomorow, here is the info:


Where: Tundra, dojo

When: Saturday September 27, 2008 (AD)

Time of Day: 10:00 AM PST

Who: Air Force and Marines (wearing red) vs. Navy and Military (wearing blue)


Anyone above the rank of warlord will join the side that has less troops. If you are below the rank of warlord but don’t know what branch you are in then leave a comment here and someone will assign you to a branch.


~ Furbur27, RPF Warlord

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6 comments on “Practice Battle Reminder
  1. wally4531 says:

    hey commando how come your supposed to be a high rank past head general but you still where the middle class uniform

  2. wally4531 says:

    how come im the only one on?
    this is a big army site isn’t it? plus its the end of Friday
    and im still the only one on and commenting
    its only 7:30 that’s not that late especially on Friday come on people!!!
    if your in the army you need to visit the site too it would really help everyone

  3. terryking24 says:

    true dat

  4. wally4531 says:

    yeah now its Saturday im at the practice battle at tundra……………….
    and no one is even there i was right about needing to recruit but no one ever listens
    so much for the practice battle

  5. |ŊŏĮĻ-MåŇ| says:

    shut u`p

  6. haha i now joined acp and i gave the password to black rain site
    and acp is actually better than rpf
    i gave them also the password for the operations posts
    so they know all the secret operations
    i also told them about the taking over the whole fourth page operation
    so they know all your strategies all your main servers they know how to counter every
    move you have with a better one you’ll never beat acp with the way i run it
    i hope this skrews you rpf

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