[Political] Structures of R.P.F. and U.S.R.P.F.

Dear RPF members,

I have sensed that I should re-explain the [political] structures/systems of the R.P.F. and U.S.R.P.F.; how they are similar and how they differ.

The R.P.F. [Army] is considered a Social Democracy. Not exactly by definition, but it’s the closest title I could find. It is important to remember that, even though this is an Army, you still have some rights. You have so many rights, that I consider it a “democracy”. This democracy uses socialism, because we, the army, need to bond like a community and must do everything together. If we were at battle or war with another Army or group, the democracy would shortly turn into an autocracy, where I would command and you would follow. After this military action, things would turn into a Social Democracy again.

The R.P.F. chat is considered to have a structure resembling Liberalism. You can almost do whatever you want on there. I only ask for a more “organized” structure when I am on and actually have some announcements to make. For that, I require all others to listen for that short period of time. The only rules are to give me somewhat of authority while I am on, and that everyone has as much fun as possible.

I would like to introduce a brief “chat status” list:

Main Owners – Commando717, Ziehen/King Ziehen*, Kyle Cease (please, no more!)

Owners (Judges, Second In Command, other high ranks) – Sergie, Tucker Jinx, Spaceybirdy (ask me before adding other owners, please)

Moderators (Head Warlord, Warlords, Ally leaders, “trusted ones”) – Bobliosenior, Lpg 123, Nielsenkc, Furbur 27, unspecified Ally Leaders, etc.

Members – Anyone in RPF has a guarantee to member, people who are not “n00bs”, spammers, or annoying people may be members too

Guests – People who shouldn’t be allowed to experience the fun on chat, because they would ruin it

The U.S.R.P.F. government is a Conservative Democracy using Capitalism as an economic system. It essentially means that “status” is determined by “capital” or “wealth”. Everyone is on their own, and needs to make sure they have enough capital to have “decent” lives. If you do not “earn” enough, the government is not held liable. I am sure there are enough jobs available.

The most important part, I believe, is the word: Democracy.

This is a note for all 3 points: If you don’t like it, vote yourself a different leader who has a different structure of politics to offer. And it is for me to decide if I personally call an election for an event. However, once the Congress is set up, they too can decide for that, since it is a democracy. You, the citizens, are always encouraged to speak up if you have things to say. The government needs feedback to please the citizens.

It’s finally time for the Senate Elections! Remember, that there are 7 Senators at one time, and that 6 of those spots are up for grabs! The Vice-President’s and Head of Senate’s Spots is not electoral. The Head Warlord, Warlords, and Head Generals are eligible to run! Due, to current confusion, I believe I only have half of the Head Generals registered. However, I cannot wait any longer for the Branch Leaders to finally send their lists of soldiers. The Election is on until Sunday, 9 am PST! Happy voting!

Also, the Juristictional Branch (Law-Enforcing/Reviewing) of Government is approved, and up and running! The Supreme Court is made up of 5 Judges who are the most objective and experienced out of the possible candidates. As mentioned, even though this was Kyle Cease’s idea, it has been personally approved by me, Ziehen. The judges are:

Commando717 (M), Kyle Cease (M), Omega39 (M), Spaceybirdy (F), Tucker_jinx (F)

( I just included the gender to remind you that I wanted a 3-2 or 2-3 male-female ratio of judges. I also objected to adding Sheila_Gally as 5th judge, and preferred Omega39, a well known strategist former-RPF active member.)

To conclude this post, I would like to say that R.P.F. should bond more. I hope the new structure or explanation of the structure will assist with that process.


Ziehen, RPF Leader

PS: I have requested a Supreme Court Meeting to review the JustinBronze case. He had been banned forever from the Federation earlier this year. Specific settings of meeting, are TBA.

Schloogzeig, Torwart, Oli Kahn. Binne schdolzer Badner.

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19 comments on “[Political] Structures of R.P.F. and U.S.R.P.F.
  1. justinbronze says:

    dont kick me out im a new person im a better person! im more mature!

  2. justinbronze says:

    demote me to lowest rank but dont kick me out

  3. wally4531 says:

    how can you run for that cause i want to run for senate like i did a year ago
    they just let me be in the poll but how do you get in?

  4. wally4531 says:

    man im disappointed no one even comes to this site any more except maybe the owners.
    if rpf is gonna be a army they need to get our act together and start actually
    acting like were in a army
    what im seeing out of people is crap especially in the war zones
    come on guys you starting to not even look like an army i might quit rpf and
    go to acp a lot of other people are thinking that too because your not doing anything
    to gather any people were not training we have only 2 people on throughout the day
    viewing our website at the most and we barely have any members
    come on!!!!!
    get some new recruits to get the army train almost every day work harder or our
    army isn’t even gonna look like a army let alone be one we have an up coming
    war against the most suckish army tomorrow if we dont win im
    gonna be so mad and im gonna join acp im fed up with the we look were not even
    acting like an army if you even want to be in the running and go on do these thing

  5. Omega39 says:

    Well said Ziehen. Hopefully this will get RPF in a more organized level to be able to engage on future operations on recruiting, decisions by formulas, etc. I do, however suggest that under the Juristrictional Branch, there should be a critic analysis team which would contain an ambassador from each army part of the ANTA so that we can see their views toward on our decisions and see if there are any errors that are made just so we know the possible consequences just in case.

  6. colleen man says:

    can i be in their
    i want to vote please

  7. kylecease says:

    Don’t Forget Ziehen, we are also a Democratic Republic, because we elect people to lead for us.

  8. Commando717 says:

    Theres a solution to every problem, and I see that you have found one.

    – Commando717

  9. Commando717 says:

    I would like to see ACP describe their government, hehe “We are a dictatorship – democracy”

    – Commando717

  10. wally4531 says:

    screw rpf no one ever looks into what i say
    im going to quit and join acp soon then

  11. |ŊŏĮĻ-MåŇ| says:

    I would like to be moderator, i am TRA Main SIC (Second in Command), please reply.

  12. Omega39 says:

    Wally, we hear you man. Were not ready to recruit yet. we need to reestablish our government. Once that is done, we can start recruiting. We didnt even plan a war with a small army. Smaller armies that want war are declined right now. Plus we have 3-6 members on the site on during most of the time. I come here like 15 times a day to check up on everything. There is people active. Most of our members do not need training because we have fought for so long. Plus, we are active on this site theres like at least a 1 or 2 posts a day with like an average of at least 10 comments. In case you are wondering, we ARE working our butts off establishing our government, Black Rain, Judistrictional Branch, Operation Talking Lamas, etc. we do most of the work behind the scenes. Just remember, were not just an army, but a well established government. Wally, we do relize what you are saying, but we are kinda ignoring it becasue we hear it all the time. You have to also relize we all have lives. Were also one of the most mature armies and well disciplined. Hopefully this answers your concerns.

  13. mocar 1 says:

    wow you guys are sure rebuilding rpf ever since the site was hacked.

  14. wally4531 says:

    were TRYING to rebuild but not doing such a good job

  15. wally4531 says:

    haha i now joined acp and i gave the password to black rain site
    and acp is actually better than rpf
    i gave them also the password for the operations posts
    so they know all the secret operations
    i also told them about the taking over the whole fourth page operation
    so they know all your strategies all your main servers they know how to counter every
    move you have with a better one you’ll never beat acp with the way i run it
    i hope this skrews you rpf

  16. The Jungle N says:


  17. jedimaster17 says:

    Whats wrong Jungle? 🙄 Afraid that I’ll be a threat to CP 🙄 ? Anyways whether being ACP Top Senator or not, I wasn’t actually aware that I was put on this poll. So… It wasn’t my intention but Ziehen put me on the poll so… I’m running. Jungle, be happy about the fact you’re a ACP Senator.

  18. The Jungle N says:

    lol. im only an acp senator for a little bit more. a few weeks. My resignation will probably be like november first… then im quitting all armies except MAYBE rpf

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