New Leader

Hello dear RPF members,

this is your new and 3rd* RPF Leader of this army’s history. Of course, your expectations are very high after the “spectacular” way that John Borne resigned from this army. I have one important thing planned: increase the popularity and size of this army. I have just checked out the views of over its entire time of existence (by month).  I have noticed that the peak of this blog was reached in August 2007, with 45,862 views. Why is this important, you ask? Well, it represents how much people care about their involvement in this army. The all-time low(s), with exception of May 2008 of course, was set in April 2008 with 21,392 views. And it hasn’t been going that well February. We have been in this depression since 5 months (I am referring to the blog, but it’s not much different for the Army since May). I want to reach the number of views in September 2009. RPF Bloggers, this information is viewable on your overlook page, when you enter [Blog Home Link]+wp-admin.

(*It is disputed if John Borne’s 1 week as RPF Leader is actually an official term.)

But now to the actual actions that are planned. I wish to start a recruit month. In that month we will look for potential new soldiers that could take over here with the same or better efficiency. I am sending out teams of scouts to get those potential soldiers’ interest to join this army.

We also need to record the attendance and work done by soldiers. For now, I will set the limit for attendance every 2 weeks. That means, if one soldier is not spotted by anyone of the attendance recorders for 2 consecutive weeks without excuse or notification, a demotion is the logical action. Trust me, 2 weeks un-excused is a long time. And, you should know when you are going on vacation!

In my first week, the ranks will NOT change dramatically. From now on, I will assess soldiers not by experience, but by recent attendance and work completed. Every month, I will be analysing attendance and work of ALL soldiers. Warlords and up: Don’t think that your rank is your permanent position in this army. Also, expect goals that I will set for this army in terms of army size, battles won, popularity (on blog), etc. Airforce will have a poll to determine new Head Warlord of that Branch. That is all that I have to say for now. Expect more updates soon to come. Please take a look at the ranks page after you have thoroughly read and understood this post.


Ziehen, R.P.F. Leader (July 25th, 2007-current)

Schloogzeig, Torwart, Oli Kahn. Binne schdolzer Badner.

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8 comments on “New Leader
  1. Orgulan says:


  2. Shadow Soldier (a.k.a Starnova619) says:

    hey what happened to the halo and runescape pages?

  3. head warlord alex clip says:

    sounds good ziehen.

  4. jedimaster17 says:

    Nice job Ziehen. I think you will be a great leader.
    Everyone else chilllll and stop arguing who are.

  5. Alex Clip says:

    oh and can someone put me on this site? im a head warlord so i think i should be a author or something. my email is

  6. kylecease says:

    Ziehen, you were obviously the right choice

  7. acparmy says:

    im going recruiting and scouting right now

  8. acparmy says:

    if ya didnt know im the jungle n

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